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Texas Holdem Poker

The pre-flop is the first phase of a game. First, the dealer starting hands are dealt face down. As the first gets the so-called small blind, which henceforth also starts each round of the game, his cards.  After the cards are distributed, is set the first time the beginning. Small Blind (SB) must now - whether he likes it or not - make a bet.

This application is referred to the same incipient player with the small blind. Next is the big blind (BB) , which always follows the small blind's turn. Even the big blind can not freely decide whether or not he wants to put in the first round. Mostly the Bi-blind double the amount of the small blind must put.

Only now following the third player can decide on its use. It has the options Fold (off) , call (offset) or raise (increase) . leiches applies to all other players before the big blind again the round closes. Now that the two blinds have your "forced" made inserts, fold Player 3 and 4 because they probably work out to no chance of winning with her hand.

5 players, however, is confident and calls. I.e. it goes with the $ 1 of the big blind. The same applies to 6 players, the calls also. The Player 7, 8 and 9, however, fold again. Now we are in line. Whether our J ? 9 (J = Jack = Jack), we are optimistic and decide to call us.

After us, the small blind and the current bet folds despite his already because his cards are probably not very promising coming. Will finish the round by the big blind, which is indeed with his previously made use of already par and thus can check what he does. The first phase, the pre-flop, is hereby terminated. There remain four players into the next phase, the flop will go.