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Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. The history of this game goes way back - it was invented in France, but the origins should lie in ancient China. One reason for the popularity of the game are simple and clear rules. Whether beginner or advanced player, - everyone immediately understands the rules of roulette.

The game system is easy as pie. The individual rounds do not last long, so the player does not lose track of its won or lost moves. The roulette game rules consist of different types of bets and the associated payouts and profits.

The Beginner among roulette players usually start with the simplest rule. Easy to put on a color - either the color red or the color black. You can also bet on the even numbers or odd numbers on the. Another rule is that you can bet on either the numbers 1-18 (manqué) or on the numbers 19-36 (fit).

Is set with chips that are dealt by the dealer. Before entering into a casino and a roulette table, the player exchanges a sum of cash for chips. With these you can then begin to set. If you win, you get more tokens, which after completion of the roulette game can be exchanged for cash at the casino bank again. Putting on simple chances (ie 50: 50) offers just for beginners in addition to the simplicity of the bet another advantage, - the ball falls to zero, the operation is not lost, but is only opportunity. In the next game, the chips are then released in the event of a win.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to put on four numbers (these are the numbers 0,1,2, and 3), on a corner (that's four adjacent numbers) or three numbers. The second highest bet is the Split - here you bet on two adjacent numbers. Professionals will also like to whole numbers (plain). In the event of a win is 35 times the sum will be paid.